It’s been 15 years since I struck out on my own and started my business. I felt stifled and bored in my corporate job and knew that working for myself was the answer!

It sure has been a unique journey of constant learning, exploring and discovering.

So, what have I learned during the past decade and a half?

In no particular order, here are my top 59 golden nuggets of business wisdom:

    1. No-one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself
    2. You will encounter plenty of naysayers… especially when it comes to friends and family
    3. It’s up to you to establish your value to your clients
    4. Routine is critical!
    5. If your health isn’t up to par, your business will suffer
    6. You will have to wear many hats when you’re starting out
    7. It’s important to learn from others who are further down the track than you
    8. You have to invest money to make money
    9. You will have to deal with difficult people… and fantastic people!
    10. It’s OK to say no to projects that don’t interest you
    11. Ask for testimonials from day one and keep doing it
    12. Do the most difficult task first thing
    13. Keep improving yourself by reading business and inspirational books
    14. Make decisions and move on
    15. You will make mistakes… just make sure you learn from them
    16. Running a business is the best way to learn about yourself… and improve
    17. You are your business
    18. Not everyone will like you
    19. You’ll have to get comfortable putting yourself out there
    20. Be yourself, don’t emulate others
    21. People will work with you because you’re YOU
    22. Avoid “Shiny Bright Object Syndrome” like the plague
    23. Set goals and regularly review your progress
    24. Create a weekly schedule and stick to it
    25. Every evening, set three tasks for the next day
    26. Outsource as soon as you can
    27. It’s OK to sack clients! It makes room for ideal clients to come in…
    28. Be protective of your time
    29. Establish boundaries straight away
    30. Follow up with potential clients more than once
    31. Stop overthinking it!
    32. Avoid trying to be perfect
    33. Be generous with your knowledge
    34. Start with the skills that you have
    35. Don’t let “competition” put you off
    36. Get out from behind your screen and network
    37. Surround yourself with positive people
    38. Be confident when selling! People want what you have to offer
    39. See past the smoke and mirrors on social media
    40. What’s one hour of your time worth?
    41. Often the thought of doing something is harder than actually doing it
    42. Be prepared to move out of your comfort zone like never before
    43. Don’t join the race to the bottom with your prices… remember you get what you pay for
    44. Tap into your sense of humour… laughing is the best therapy!
    45. Integrity is critical
    46. It’s OK to move on if things aren’t working… and try something else
    47. Be consistent… small bits of effort really add up over time
    48. Be persistent
    49. Push through your fears
    50. Learn to adapt to the rollercoaster ride
    51. Need a “mental health” day? Take it!
    52. Impostor syndrome is inevitable… rest assured you know enough
    53. Want to change people’s lives? Business is the best way of doing that
    54. Having a 9 to 5 is easier… but nowhere near as rewarding
    55. Don’t try to be everything to everyone
    56. Keep it simple
    57. Listen to your natural rhythm. Early bird? Work first thing in the morning
    58. Make the most of current technology
    59. Success is closer than you think

Phew! I almost didn’t want to stop!

Which nuggets did you like best? What ones would you add?

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