Case Study

This particular mortgage broker had been relying on word of mouth, networking and buying expensive non-exclusive leads.

Every month was an uphill struggle to bring in enough leads to sustain their business.

They had tried Facebook marketing i.e. posting on their Facebook Page and paying to “boost posts”. This brought them minimal results.

Below are some results from the Facebook campaign and Lead Generation Funnel that was created, focusing on First Home Buyers.

As you can see, the cost per lead (Cost per result column) varied from $2.93 – $20.36.

Please note that your results will vary depending on a wide range of factors, including the ad creative, offer and targeting used.

The result of this Lead Generation Funnel is that the mortgage broker is attracting on average 63 pre-qualified, fresh, exclusive leads per month on auto-pilot. 

Average ad spend is $675 per month. This is great value given the potential return on investment.


The screenshot below shows the average number of questionnaires that were completed per day across a number of different campaigns.

The average number completed was between 2 – 5 per day.

A questionnaire saves you a huge amount of time and is a powerful tool to pre-qualify your leads.

The screenshot below is an example of the email notifications that were generated.

The screenshot below shows the Google spreadsheet which was automatically updated when the questionnaire was completed by leads.

The screenshot below is an example of the lead pipeline which was set up in a Customer Relationship Management tool.