What Would An Extra 16+ Guaranteed Mortgage Leads A Month Do For Your Business?

Pre-Qualified, Exclusive Leads & Automated Follow-Up

Imagine this…

You wake up every morning, sip on your hot coffee, check your inbox and see leads come in.

Not just any old leads, but highly motivated, pre-qualified ones who have already filled out your mortgage questionnaire, without you having to lift a finger.

In the background, these fresh, warm leads are already being followed up with using Facebook messenger, SMS and/or email.

This proven Lead Generation Funnel works for all loan markets, including First Home Buyers, Refinancing and Investment Loans. Ads can be shown to very precise audiences, making them extremely effective.

You’ll no longer have to rely on old-school tactics such as time-consuming networking or unreliable referrals.

You’ll no longer have to rely on buying non-exclusive leads which you have to share with other mortgage brokers.

Nor will you be crossing your fingers and hoping that people stumble upon your website or Facebook page.

Currently, Facebook advertising is one of the most powerful tools in the world for increasing your revenue and of course, trails.

Even better, very few mortgage professionals are making use of this strategy… YET.

We set up and run the entire Lead Generation Funnel while you sit back and do what you do best.

The best part is, I personally guarantee that if I don’t get you at least 4 new mortgage leads a week  (16 a month), the next week’s
management fee will be entirely free.

Hi, I'm Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa

I love helping my clients leverage the true power of current technology to achieve success online.

I’ve been working with businesses since 2004. As a small business owner, I know exactly what it’s like to try to market and grow your business.

I know that it can be a lot of trial and error to get your marketing to work. It’s especially challenging when you’re facing strong competition as a mortgage broker.

It’s no longer enough to rely on referrals or old-school networking.

It’s no longer enough to rely on people finding your website or seeing your Facebook posts.

It can take months for your website to show up on Google, whereas with Facebook Ads you can be reaching perfect customers within hours.

Let me help you by giving you the tools you need to grow your business successfully.

I’ll take care of the technical and marketing side of things, while you get on with helping people!

Stop Wasting Time Chasing Leads and
Have Them Come To You On Auto-Pilot

How Am I Different?

Why would you work with me instead of someone else?

Well, for starters I stand behind what I offer with my guarantee.

If I don’t help you bring in at least 4 leads a week, then I will manage your Lead Generation Funnel for free for a week (you do however need to invest in advertising spend, which is only approximately $10-25 a day).

Many Facebook Ad experts focus solely on the ads, neglecting to implement a Lead Generation Funnel. It’s not just about effective Facebook ads.

Even more important is the Funnel which pre-qualifies and nurtures your leads, turning them into customers.

One of my Funnels generated six figures a year for my business.

In addition, to complement my Facebook Ads and Lead Generation Funnel experience, I have advanced skills in web design and direct response copywriting.

I also have a degree in Business (majoring in International Finance & Marketing) and have completed numerous courses in Digital Marketing.

Here’s How It Works

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Lead Generation Strategy Set-Up

In close consultation with you, we will set up and create your Facebook Ads and custom Lead Generation Funnel which will run on auto-pilot.


Grow Your Business

You’ll enjoy attracting a constant flow of warm, exclusive mortgage leads, leveraging the power of your Lead Generation Funnel.

You can get on with doing what you do best!


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