Webinars have definitely exploded in growth over recent years and for good reason.

Countless highly successful entrepreneurs such as Sam Ovens, Neil Patel, Amy Porterfield and Bob Proctor use webinars to sell high ticket programs and services, generating gazillions of dollars for their businesses.

It is possible to have someone who is not even that familiar with you, purchase a high ticket course or program on a webinar.

This is because webinars are the BEST way for your audience to get to know you FAST. They can hear your voice, see your face (if you choose to be on camera), and get a sense of what you stand for and how you work.

Compare this with an eBook or PDF, which all too often people skim and file away on their hard drives, never to be seen again. I have lost count of the number of PDFs which are collecting dust!

With a webinar, you have the chance to really connect with your audience, share your knowledge, have them emotionally engaged and ready to take the next step quickly. It’s one of the quickest ways to establish yourself as a trusted expert and thought leader in one fell swoop.

And even better, with an automated webinar, all you have to do is record your presentation once, instead of having to do live webinars all the time.

Today’s amazing technology allows you to automatically send DIFFERENT follow up emails depending on what the person has done. So for example if someone signed up but didn’t watch the webinar yet, they can be sent an email to remind them to do so.

Or if someone signed up, watched it to the end but didn’t buy your program or book a call with you, you can send them emails to increase the chances of them taking the next step.

So if you are selling a course, you can send them a discount coupon or have a countdown timer to let them know that the offer is expiring soon.

Or you can resend them the link to your online calendar so they can book there and then from the email.

It’s like having a 24/7 salesperson online, helping you sell your services or programs while you’re enjoying the weekend.

If you’re running automated webinars, you have an unfair advantage over your competitors!


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